Strategic Planning and Advisory

Whether it is designing a comprehensive and structured roadmap that will guide your company over time or just a sounding board to ensure that you are moving along the right path, Street Point Partners’ experts deliver.

Specific services include:

Market Research.  Are you introducing a new product to the market or entering a new market with an existing product? Our service provide a clear market strategy to help you understand how to position, sell and distribute your products and services.

Gap Analysis.  Do you feel as if your product or service isn’t performing up to par? Or maybe it’s that your market segments are being under served? With a gap analysis, We can help your firm identify and quantify market needs so your firm can make logical strategic and tactical decisions based on market facts, not subjective opinions.

Data Analytics.  Our thorough and thoughtful framework segments data, into insights, and into actionable recommendations to improve processes and drive company growth.

Data Visualization. After we take your data through a structured process allowing your company to capture the patterns, trends, and insights that influence your business, we transform your existing data into a visual context.

Our clients include:

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