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Street Point Partners, provides effective and practical solutions to many stubborn strategic and business unit implementations. Our organizational design and business performance improvement practice helps companies link their strategic plans and competitive advantages to their structure, capabilities, and processes.

Specific services include:

Operational Performance Assessments focus on identifying processes that allow for greater efficiency. Our assessment reports identify key processes that can be streamlined creating shortened timelines, cost reductions, increased productivity and economic value.

Capability and Role Alignment.  Results are a reflection of how aligned your organization’s resources and capabilities are with strategic goals. If they are not aligned, all your efforts will fall short. Our process ensures that value is achieved by determining the resources and capabilities needed, and providing a roadmap to support a successful execution.

Change Management.  Street Point Partners can help assess your organizational risk and readiness, design a systemic approach to communicate changes, and prepare people for their new roles and processes.

Legal Entity Analysis.  Working with your tax, legal and other relevant functional stakeholders, we help map your legal structure and conduct diligence to develop a list of entities that can be eliminated or merged.  The end result being a reduced legal entity costs and footprint.

Process Automation and Workflow Enhancement.  Working with your team through our structured approach, we simplify and automate work processes improving workflow and communication to meet the company needs while still maintaining effective risk management without complicating the existing IT infrastructure.

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