Company overview

Street Point Partners LLC (“SPP”) is a San Diego based management consulting firm. Since first conceived in 2015, the company has guided top executives to solve the most complex business challenges that drive long term value and corporate social responsibility.

SPP serves businesses, government entities, non-government organizations (NGO’s), religious institutions, and not for profits.

SPP helps clients decide where to go, and how to get there through data-driven practical solutions.

Our values

Our values are the structure of all our actions. We operate based on the following beliefs:

  • Integrity is more than just doing the right thing. It is a character free of deception and operating without conflicting interests. We present our abilities honestly. We ensure trustworthiness by maintaining confidentiality, representing our actions honestly, and only committing ourselves when we can keep our promise.
  • Respect is recognizing the intrinsic dignity of each person. As such, we treat all people with consideration during the course of work.
  • Diversity of opinion refers to inclusion. By bringing stakeholders from all levels of the organization together in developing the solution, we seek to maximize the potential adoption and success of our engagements.
  • Client needs come first. We strive to satisfy the real needs of our clients, not just deliver work that satisfies a want.
  • Delivering value is a commitment to provide quality services that bring together the depth and breadth of our resources, experience, and insights to create the positive impact that our clients came to us for.
  • Social impact means that people are more important than things. Therefore, our client work and pro bono efforts seek to improve the life and dignity of the human person.

Typical client benefits

Our services will allow you to:

  • Improve customer service,
  • Increase profitability,
  • Reduce operating costs,
  • Improve efficiency and cycle time,
  • Create a culture of committed and engaged employees, and
  • Define and develop a clear strategy for managing and growing your business.
how can we help you?

Contact us at +1 (619) 839-9101 or submit a business inquiry online.

Thank you for your insights and consultations as to how to grow my business. Your analytics have been invaluable in tracking sales and managing my sales team… Having an exposure to all types of businesses; gives you the skillset to see ahead of a developing problem and collaborate on a solution.

Clay Platt
CEO, Navigantes, Inc. dba Expedia Cruise Ship Center

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